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Author: Topic: Joint venture

Posted: Jun 29, 2004 10:27:20 am    Profile email Jennifer Visit

I would like to know how to make a joint venture.
Thanks Jennifer

Posted: Jun 29, 2004 11:39:48 am    Profile email Andrew Visit

A joint venture can turn under-utilized resources into profit, create a new profit center, help you enter untapped markets, quicker and at less cost than trying it alone.
Joint ventures are a popular method of expanding business. Major corporations and mid-sized companies are getting together, and small companies can, too, on a less formal basis.
Do you think a Joint Venture will be a good way to grow your business? Follow these suggestions:
1.Think about the sort of joint venture project you would like to do. Write out your thoughts - that will be your outline proposal. Don't worry about details - that's our job - just describe an overall concept. Explain what you can offer a joint venture partner and what you want from them.
2.Next, think about what you want to know about any prospective joint venture partner.
3.When we have found someone with whom you might want to cooperate, we will contact you with a detailed proposal.
4.At that point, everything is open to negotiation - Who does what; who gets paid what; who's responsible for what; to what extent you want us involved; and so on. Of course. we would be delighted if you wanted us to manage the project, but if not, you can take the plan and manage it yourself
Good luck!! Andrew
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