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Author: Topic: CEO of Team Peter Enterprises

Posted: Mar 24, 2011 4:31:56 am    Profile email wzy4545 Visit

CEO of Team Peter Enterprises
Gabriel ignored the questions car camera until he located Bill's records. Then Gabriel looked up in surprise. "It says here that you were the president of a large software company. Is that right?"
"Well then, do the math chip-head! When car recorder this Saint Peter business started, it was an easy gig. Only a hundred or so people died every day, and Peter could handle it all by himself, no problem. But now there are over five billion people on earth. Jesus, when God night vision car camera said to 'go forth and multiply,' he didn't say 'like rabbits!' With that large a population, ten thousand people die every hour. Over high resolution car camera a quarter-million people a day. Do you think Peter can meet them all personally?" "I guess not." starzmart
"You guess right."
So Peter had to franchise the operation. Now, Peter is the CEO of Team Peter Enterprises, Inc. He just sits in the corporate headquarters and sets policy. Franchisees like me handle the actual inductions." Gabriel looked though ir car camera his paperwork some more, and then continued. "Your paperwork seems to be in order. And with a background like yours, you'll be getting a plum job ignment."
"Job ignment?"

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