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Author: Topic: application fields and challenges

Posted: May 11, 2011 11:17:08 pm    Profile email well0511 Visit

The three-day the 61st China education starzmart equipment fair 700 from international and domestic manufacturers, and represents the fierce competition information technology leap the interactive products into the whole exhibition of the most heated confrontation positions. Founded in 1995, leading cheap ebook reader products next group south than electronic board, the cursor reading machine (OMR), online marking system, test station for the whole education, but also by the school, teaching institutions industry provide digital teaching services. As a devoted to the development research intelligent identification technology south, next group were invited to the exhibition, exhibition showcases electronic board, LCD touch all-in-one PC, and the launch of new online marking system and cursor reading machine and other professional products.

In during this exhibition, we're very honored to interview the next group to south WuXu vice President - Mr. In the interview process we reporters should also many users to request puts forward education market products at present some systematic problems, through the general manager wu detailed solutions, enabled us to electronic board and LCD touch-screen in future education application wholesale supplier fields and challenges produced a deeper level of thinking and understanding.Like electronic board, LCD touch-screen and other smart electronic products in this exhibition in the fierce competition, nor in a few manufacturer what technical force on south, next to the many other brand competition emerge?

As this issue, mr.wu thought, like this kind of electronic products, really fought wasn't hardware technology, but software applications. For most from hardware manufacturers products technology has stood in the same research and development platform, but from software development platform for me is a key watershed, this exhibition they brought V3.1 fool type software, the teacher doesn't cost wholesale android tablet too much energy will be able to learn and master, and the use of elementary school, junior high school and college V3.5 and V4.0 software in use go up to also have big advantage. Software and hardware, combining product advantage of seamless maximization, the enterprise can play only have room for development.

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