Ok. The reason you are reading this I suppose is because you want to know how to make your wonderful experience on this forum just a little more pleasing. Keep in mind that it is 3:30 IN THE MORNING so I don't really care what this page looks like as long as you understand this info.

Question: How do I add special effects to my posts?

Answer: By using UPB Code:

UPB code is a type of scripting that allows you have some nifty effects with your posts.

[move]blah blah balh[/move] = will cause whatever text that is inside of the move tags to become a marquee

[white] blah blah [/white] = white text *Colors available* white, yellow, green, purple, blue, red.

[b] bold text [/b] = bold text
[u] underline [/u] = underline
[i] italics [/i] = italics

[url] http://cogh.net [/url] = makes a link
[email]excorcist1@hotmail.com[/email] = Email link
[img]http://[/img] = link an image file to be displayed.
[offtopic] offtopic comment [/offtopic] = use this for an offtopic comment in your post
[pre] small text [/pre] = small text
[quote] quote another comment [/quote] = use this to quote someone else

Hope this FAQ helped a little bit but it will have to do until I have time to write a detailed one.