"Intl. Tenders & Joint Ventures: opportunities for SMEs who want to grow."
International Tenders & Joint Venture  

This area is dedicated to SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (SMEs) who DO NOT WANT to remain SMALL.

To make this a reality SMEs must necessarily have a project able to concretize this ambition. Concretizing Your ambition could be a lot easier by aggregating with other SMEs to create positive synergies.

For this reasons Worlvideobusiness WVB give the possibility to get information about call for international bids (TENDERS,FORNITURE, SUBFORNITURE, ecc) announced in different countries, whose publication are update frequently to give information timely and complete.

To participate to bids and international tenders, the grouping of, even through temporary constitution of JOINT VENTURES and each with its own specialization, will allow them to go over the dimensional limits normally imposed by Contracting Authorities and therefore offer concrete possibility to WIN.

With this intention, Worlvideobusiness WVB provide a practical and effective tool to let SMEs get in touch and set up a JOINT VENTURE.

Thus, on the basis of the informations you put in your trade leeds WORLDVIDEOBUSINESS - WVB undertakes, after you Tailor Made subscription, to search for right match for you and to send results to your e-mail address.

We have no doubt on our service outcome that we decided to guarantee Your satisfaction or

your money back

Additionally WORLDVIDEOBUSINESS - WVB gives Companies the chance to build their personal web site through three different solutions: Start WVB, Complete WVB e Advanced WVB.

Go to price list and choose one of our offers

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